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W1TTY is granting scholarships
in Lithuania, Poland and Portugal

We are committing to support students in their challenging times by offering W1TTY's scholarship program in Lithuania, Poland and Portugal.
W1TTY Scholarship Types:
Full Scholarship 4 Year Bachelor – 2 awardees
Tuition Only 4 Year Bachelor – 4 awardees
Expenses Only 4 Year Bachelor – 6 awardees
Expenses Only 1 Year – 10 awardees
*Terms & conditions applies.
We will inform you separately by email.
Am I eligible?
You must be plan on attending a 4 year program at an accredited university and be a resident of Lithuania, Poland or Portugal.
What’s the process?
Just click "Register Your Interest" button below, fill in the form and we will be contacting you.
What’s next?
We will announce the next steps on your email and social media.
We will announce the results in Q3-4 2021.
W1TTY Scholarships
W1TTY is starting this initiative in Lithuania, Poland and Portugal, followed by other EEA countries. Share with your friends and family and follow us on social media for further information.
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