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We’re freely supercharging everyone with the tools, products and education to look and act like a financial rockstar - to learn how to manage financial life on your terms.

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Get in control of your finances. We will help you, it’s our mission.

Through a combination of personalised finance, including spending tracker, gamified learning, customized cards, and frequent rewards, W1TTY’s tools will empower you to live a healthier financial lifestyle.

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Earn up to €120 every month, just by paying with W1TTY

Available to withdraw within 45 days after purchase

Up to 50% Cashback on selected brands

We are partnering with leading brands in your country to offer cashback on each.

Spend in style every day

Vibrant contactless W1TTY Debit card to make payments anywhere in the world. Physical or virtual, choose what suits you.


Cash withdrawal at 25,000 ATMs worldwide.


Contactless payments, easy and quick with a single tap.

Freeze or Lock

Keep your money safe with freezing or locking functions.

Virtual Cards

Virtual cards available for fast and safe payments.

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Split Bills with your friends

Settling bills with your friends is now easy. Split evenly or vary the amounts for people who’ve contributed more.

Pay or get paid easily and quickly

Make transfers on the go,  quick and easy from your mobile.  Send money to other W1TTY accounts or any other bank around the world.

We are an EMI licensed financial institution in the UK & EEA

W1TTY Global LTD, Authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority as electronic money institution License number 932839.

WITTY Global UAB, Authorised by Central Bank of Lithuania as electronic money institution License number 79 23-12-2020.

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Identity Check

To ensure it’s really you, we ask for a government-issued ID with your photo, plus a liveness check.

Always Safe

With advanced data security measures, your money and personal information is protected.


Get instant notifications every time you spend with your card.

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Choose a debit card that suits your needs & style.

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Get a Card

Choose a debit card that suits your needs & style.

Get a Card

Choose a debit card that suits your needs & style.