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About Us

We believe that the purpose of money is far greater than to make more of it just for profit. We know that money is energy, with a duty to create value for others through opportunity - because once you have the liberation of financial freedom it’s just the start of a healthier body and mind too. A direct route to a longer, happier, better life for you and those around you.

Unleashing the Energy of Money

We smartly Reengineer and Rewire the modern day digital financial system

We Unleash and Redistribute the powerful energy of money to everyone

We Equip more people than ever to live healthier, better, luckier lives together


We pull together some of the greatest, strongest, most brilliant minds on earth.  To find new ways to build better products, and equip people with super powers to improve their lives.

Our Leadership

Ammar Kutait
Founder & CEO
Zain Azam
Rostyslav Korzhov
Head of Product
Alan Gordon

We are an EMI licensed financial institution in the UK & EEA

W1TTY Global LTD, Authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority as electronic money institution License number 932839.

WITTY Global UAB, Authorised by Central Bank of Lithuania as electronic money institution License number 79 23-12-2020.

United Kingdom Registration
107, Cheapside, EC2V 6DN, London, United Kingdom
European Registration
Jogailos g., 9, LT-01116 Vilnius, Lithuania
United Kingdom Office
P10, Pavilion Offices, Cannon Green, EC4R 0AA, London, United Kindgom
European Office
Didžioji g., 18, LT-01128 Vilnius, Lithuania

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